Mar 8, 2011

Quick Free Kicks

There are two sites out there that do great, long form interviews with soccer, Adam Spangler at This Is American Soccer and the boys at The Shinguardian.

Matthew at the Shinguardian recently had a long interview with MLS Director of Player Programs Alfonso Mondelo, and it is plenty insightful to say the least.  Among many roles Mondelo performs is programming for the MLS Academies--which are starting to pay off in terms of providing players for the first team on every team.

CONCACAF had been campaigning for a fourth full spot for the 2014 World Cup, but didn't get it.  I am not sure that the confederation was deserving of a fourth full spot, but I can see why Ewok Chief Chuck Blazer was upset.  Maybe if more leaders at FIFA started to get a bit more upset, we might see some changes.

UEFA Champions League returns today and the tastiest match up is Barcelona-Arsenel.  Well worth sitting in a pub watching or otherwise ditching work.

Don't look now, but the US Women's National Team is putting together a solid run at the Algarve Cup in Portugal.  As a tune-up for the Women's World Cup this summer, the U.S. has put together three wins in three matches over Norway, Japan and Finland.  The women put four past Finland, including a brace from young striker Alex Morgan.  The U.S. will place Iceland (yes that is right Iceland) in the final.  Iceland had beaten Sweden, China and Denmark to advance to the final.

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