Dec 28, 2012

The Business of Soccer

Ben Berger of Footiebusiness has a poll up asking people to vote on the business item of the year.  Berger himeself selected four business stories for the year that he thought were the biggest of the year in terms of the business of soccer in 2012.  They include NBC's new contract as a broadcast partner, the demise of the WPS, the addition of the Montreal Impact to MLS and the groundbreaking for a new soccer specific stadium for San Jose.  You can vote for "other" as well.

The business of soccer in America is growing, and it is on solid ground.  True the women's side of things needs some work and there is some going on with the creation of the NWSL.  But it is hard to point to anywhere else in the world of American soccer where things are not on a solid footing and moving in a positive direction.

I recommend Berger's blog as well.  Good stuff all the time and smart stuff all the time.

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