Aug 29, 2011


Last night I watching the late SportsCenter and after getting through all the baseball talk and a trip by Lou Holtz to his old high school to coach one practice, I saw some highlights of Wayne Rooney taking a few free kicks and scoring a hat trick.

Now, first of all, I am happy that soccer highlights are making the SportsCenter cut, so I really shouldn't complaint.  But let's look only at the Manchester United mauling of Arsenel and I can find two prettier goals:

Ashley Young's First of the day (here) and Ashley Young's 92nd minute dagger.  (Just a note to premier league clubs, you might want to consider putting a defender on Young when he is sitting on the corner of the penalty area--just a free piece of advice).

Look, taking nothing away from Rooney's set piece magic, but if ESPN wanted to feather Rooney, how about also featuring the work he did on Young's goals.

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