Jan 19, 2011

Quick Free Kicks

Kenny Cooper is back in the MLS and Jason Davis thinks it a good sign.

The debate around snoods is, in my mind, hilarious.  Leeds United will not be wearing snoods against Arsenel in their FA Cup tie because the manager has banned them.

Manchester United legend, film director and actor, Eric Cantona has been named Director of Soccer for the New York Cosmos.  For a club without a team, New York Cosmos is certainly making a splash.

I love the long range blast scoring goals.  I scored on in high school when I volleyed a keeper's punt back toward the goal and watched it dip in for my only goal of that season (I was a shortish centerback).  101 Great Goals has a list of what they consider to be the best long range goals.

If you want MLS stats and numbers, there is no better site than Climbing the Ladder.

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